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June 28 2017

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Ain’t much in this world the uneases me but those conical towers of spice have me on the edge.

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fallout new vegas is a good game where you can find a form fitting bodysuit that will pump you full of drugs and be your girlfriend

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transistor week day two….!!

~get this artwork as a print here~

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Caramel macchiato? Did you remember the chocolate chips?

Resident Evil [ Rebecca Chambers Icons ]


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not to be that bitch but you can literally hear alex and dr strand start to smile at each other when they talk and it’s gross and I love them,


Highwayman: Your money or your life!

Me, the Last Dragonborn, Dragon of the North, Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold, Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Protector of Solitude, Thane of Nine Holds, Champion of the Nine Divines and of Sixteen Daedric Princes: oh no

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we got the bad guys, hope we made the world a little safer.

Take my hand and walk with me to where the highway is no longer visible.
— Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 2, Chapter 6: Badwater
There’s no moral to this story, but there is a real human life.
— Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 2, Chapter 7: The Monk of Crystal Springs
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Here’s a page in my old sketchbook from an Alice Isn’t Dead comic I never got around to finishing!! :0 I really love the series, so I hope to one day get around to making more content for it

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Quick draw of our candidates! Drew this as soon as I saw the new storylet haha

June 27 2017

Important things I’ve learned from fanfics:


- Pay close attention to the local coffee shop’s barista, chances are they are the love of your life

- Pretending to be in a relationship to make someone jealous will probably work, just maybe not in the way you expect it to

- If you are going to listen to people’s conversations behind doors, LISTEN TO THE WHOLE FREAKING THING

- Make sure the person you are talking in your way to a job interview is not your future boss

- Shower sex is actually possible

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May eternal light shine upon them.

@p-kom‘s and my character as animals.

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Tag yourself as an egg I’m scrambo







hannibal confusedly trying to remember the names of all of will graham’s dogs

This is FAKE hannibal would def have separate room in his memory palace for will’s dogs. He has files on each one’s favorite food and toys. He knows where they like to be scratched and they’re favorite places to be walked. Even though didn’t like the dog pack at first he gets to know the dogs for will’s sake and ends up loving them all

Imagine Will’s face when Hannibal tells him something about HIS dogs that he hasn’t noticed, like when Hannibal complains casually about how one of the dogs prefers eating dry food then his organic meals made with organic meat that are far more nutritious, or how he is mildly concerned that the oldest dog has been shedding 10% more than usual blah blah blah…

I didn’t know Hannibal could get organic people.

Maybe he found a rude vegan in a health food store?

That doesn’t mean they haven’t been injesting hormones, chemicals, sprays….

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please don’t knock, the cat has the keys

So to visit them you must first catch their cat? That is some task for potential suitors in medieval epic poetry shit

Befriend. If the cat doesn’t like you, human inside probably won’t either.

Real life videogame level.


Befriend the cat who is the KEEPER OF THE KEYS

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