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people who sleep with one pillow make me sick

people who sleep with more than one pillow are shown to be more lonely and depressed

reblog and put in the tags how many pillows you sleep with


here’s a hot take: buzzfeed unsolved but with keats and ellen


things i demand from fallen london

  • let me fuck the honey addled detective
  • more rubbery men
  • let me fuck the honey addled detective
  • let me sell my nodules of warm amber
  • please failbetter, let me kiss your bee-drug addicted sherlock holmes knockoff. i beg of you
  • more funny hats
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Anonymous said: Alexia Ashford in 1a?

she’s prep goth

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We ain’t running a hotel… I don’t think we even have towels.


I hope you don’t mind me adding to this

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hot tip if you wanna play a warlock or another high charisma character but have an irl charisma of like 10:

there’s more than one kind of charisma. the default always seems to be “suave ladykiller/casanova who can and will knowingly manipulate people and do it with a sly smile”, but that’s not the only kind.

i play a 20 charisma warlock who is… none of those things. she’s kind of shy and easily flustered but she IS extremely good-hearted and kind, and she radiates a certain kind of aura that just makes people want to like her and trust her because they can tell she’s a good person.

don’t feel boxed in by traditional portrayals of charisma and let it scare you away from playing classes you’re interested in.

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“It’s Parker.” for fanfic-obsessed.




So. Today in class we assigned Macbeth roles to students to read. When I asked the class who wants to be Lady Macbeth, a young man raised his hand. I kind of stared at him like “Lady Macbeth,” and he nodded like “I know what I’m about ma’am.” So then the student who ended up as Macbeth raised his hand and said “HE’S THE ONE, HE’S MY WIFE!” So I said “yeah sure why not,” and the entire class period they were blowing kisses to each other and winking at each other, and every now and then Macbeth would say “I’m the luckiest man on Earth” and Lady Macbeth would put a hand to his chest, and be like “BABE!”.

I just stared at them, knowing that they CLEARLY have never read ‘Macbeth’ before, so… all this lovey dovey… I don’t know if I have the heart to tell them the truth.


  • Macbeth is absolutely willing to fucking throw down for Lady Macbeth. Has already threatened a wall, a desk, a few students, a textbook that was neither his nor Lady Macbeth’s, and me
  • Lady Macbeth is enjoying the attention and has begun to use this new connection to his advantage. I’m starting to suspect he’s read ahead in the play.
  • Macbeth is going to end up living in detention at this rate.
  • Macbeth has no idea that he is the tragedy of the story. Claims to be the hero of the play, fails to see the irony in this
  • Macbeth slowly scooted his desk across the classroom to hold hands with Lady Macbeth. He was not subtle.
  • Macbeth has proposed on several occasions. Lady Macbeth just laughs and says they’re already married.
  • Macbeth’s girlfriend is in the class with them and is “totally not jealous or anything just thinks this whole fucking play is a waste of time”
  • Lady Macbeth should probably be a theatre major at some point, he fucking rocked Act V scene I
  • Other teachers and staff are emailing me about the “lovely lords”. Lady Macbeth now refuses to answer to anything other than Lady Macbeth and is always very upset when people don’t call him by his proper title.


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“Sinclair… Sinclair!  Where did you go?  Why did you leave me here?  Why…”

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“Abigail, these are the most important pages of all. These are the pages you will write. The most crucial battles still lies ahead.”

-Grace Dixon

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Greek Mythology | The Muses

Calliope - Epic Poetry, Urania - Astronomy, Polyhymnia - Hymns, Thalia - Comedy, Clio - History, Erato - Love Poetry, Euterpe - Lyric Poetry, Melpomene - Tragedy, Terpsichore - Dance

The Goddesses | The Lovers | The Constellations


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i was thinking about the weirdest phone calls i got when i still worked at the public library and i remembered this one phone call. it was probably less than 20 seconds long, but it still makes me laugh.

anyways, this woman called and without even saying hello after i said the usual “public library, how can i help you?” spiel, she said, “i have a very important question: when you shelve books, do you push them all to the front of the shelf or all the way back?”

it took me a second to process the question and then i answered that, at the library, we always shelve them so that they are even with the front edge so they’re easier to grab and see. she was obviously delighted by this answer and then, as if an afterthought, she asked, “okay, what about you? what do you do at home with your books?” i said i did the same thing. she hummed in obvious agreement and then just like that she said “thank you!” and hung up.

i never heard from her again. i hope she won whatever argument she was having.

for about a year, i worked at a call center for sprint. i have a similar kind of story.

a woman called, and said she had a question about the call history on her bill. “sure, let me just pull up your account-” and she cut me off going, “no, no, it’s not anything specific, it’s just. so, if you change the time on your phone, does that change the time on the bill?”

“uh… no? the time on the phone doesn’t matter, the call history is recorded by the towers.”

“ohhhh” she said in the saltiest voice i have ever heard “so even if you changed the timezone it wouldn’t change the time on the bill? to, say, the middle of the night?”

i stg yall i looked into the camera like i was on the office. “um… no? it would still be the local time of the tower. is there anything else i can help you with?”

to me, overly chipper: “nope! thank you! have a great day!” turning on someone as she hung up: “she says yoU’RE A LYING SACK OF-”

i still mean-snicker every time i think about it.

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So, I’ve been meaning to try thid Scared? Podcast, and i saw this on their Facebook earlier.

I’m not sure what exactly happened, and the post was deleted like an hour later.

First, what the fuck?

Second, okay. Let’s learn from this.

Podcasters, take note.

This isn’t okay.

Don’t bully listeners into trying to meet you, don’t twist their arm to give you information, and for fucks sake, don’t shame them on your professional social media account if they aren’t comfortable sharing.

Some listeners would probably be happy to share. Others, not so much. People have lots of reasons they may not share personal information . Are they a minor? Do they have bad experiences online? Past trauma? Do they have children, and not feel comfortable telling a complete stranger where they live?

Podcaster or not, you’re a stranger. That’s the bottom line.

Anyone can create a podcast. Yes, a large chunk of the community is super nice, but. Doesn’t mean everyone will be.

And people have the right to privacy. And I acknowledge I don’t know the whole story, but no matter what, to shame someone like this on your social media is childish and awful. Scratch one podcast off my “to listen” list.

This, again, is unacceptable behavior, that I hope as a community we can agree to call out if we see it. The podcast community is so small, people might be afraid to speak up if something happens to them.

I really hope that whoever this podcaster was talking about is okay. I would be freaked out if it were me. ♡ Feel free to message me if you need anything .

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What if Antigone tried cutting her bangs one day? ;)


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A Lotad pile in a pond!! ♫

Commissioned by @ejbarnes89!! Thank you so much!

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