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November 06 2017

November 05 2017


tropes i love: a believer and a skeptic investigating the paranormal

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me: the reading of literature is a highly subjective experience and differing interpretations of texts are not only entirely valid but also provide fascinating input into the reader’s own social context and psyche, thus ensuring that literature remains powerful and relevant as time goes on

someone: *doesn’t interpret my favourite book the way I do*

me: okay you fucker you wanna play this game? here’s a ten page paper with textual evidence showing every little way that you are wrong

When you hear him say “Darling!”

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November 04 2017

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hoodies are one of the most powerful and underappreciated articles of clothing. cold? put on a hoodie. raining? put on a hoodie. no bra? put on a hoodie. nothing to wear? hoodie. cripplingly low self esteem? you already know. so versatile! so multifaceted!

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the bit in symphony of the night were dracula throws his wine glass except a roomba comes in and cleans up the shards

here you go,


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“Oh wow I wonder which of Ash’s many cool pokemon living with Professor Oak they’ll do a cool cameo for.”



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a stranger came from deep in the woods—cursed by men, a lord among wolves

ameliasscanwells replied to your post “you ever think about how much potential tbtp and tanis could have had…”
don’t drag the exorcist into this. they’re making GOOD PNW horror right now.

Fair point.

A more apt comparison to PNWS/PRA’s fall from grace would be Sleepy Hollow. Both had great starting seasons, but then, due to higher power fuckery, the quality of later season slipped. 

(Note: A lot of things also brought down Sleepy Hollow, racism being one of them, but I’m trying to make a long story short.)

Granted, most of the fandom abandoned Sleepy Hollow when they killed off their leading actress in season 3. They had a season 4, but it got canceled after some seriously low view numbers. I don’t think TBTP is stupid, brave, or stupid-brave enough to kill Alex without getting some stimulating emails. 

But it wouldn’t surprise me if Terry tried to pull off ~Alex was crazy this whole time~ or ~alex gets locked into a mental asylum cuz those are cool guyz~

With $50,000, I could afford a plane ticket to whatever city Terry Miles lives in now, rent a car and pay for a hotel room for the week, punch Terry in the face, pay bail, go sight-seeing, punch Terry Miles in the face again, a good lawyer, court and legal fees, punch Terry Miles again, and a plane ticket back to MA with plenty of money leftover to donate to Paul Bae and other podcast creators. 

November 03 2017














Anyone feel like discussing that rabbits Kickstarter? 🙄


They’re asking 50k for 8 episodes. They don’t explain how the money will be used, they say its not as much as they actually need- which, for reference… they’re asking almost 5 times the amount Wooden Overcoats did… AND it’s under Carly Parkers name, which blatantly violates Kickstarter’s terms.

Did I miss anything?

holy fuck this doesnt sound good 

fifty- FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS? What are they spending it on, gold-plated microphones? Do they offer any kind of budget breakdown? And what the hell are the rewards?

Absolutely no budget breakdown.


That’s ……something .

literally almost worth it just to get that live chat with Terry miles and tell him to fucking stop

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

They’re literally vagueing and light shit talking about their supporters in the comments on Patreon.


Terry Miles can sit on a god damn tack.

Their backers are the ONLY ones who can comment.

They’re shading the fuck out of two commenters here.

Two people who, while having criticisms of that show, GAVE THEM MONEY.

At least have the decency to not talk shit where they can see. Talk as much shit as you want in private, with other cast and crew- what the fuck ever. Just not in public like that. Be classy.

Oh, and if there was any doubt- I should have popped the comment they were replying to here. That mentions other commenters by name.

Be fucking professional, assholes.

Sorry. I’m usually more objective on here? But, nah; fuck this.

I know some people compare this to Dashcon, but RABBITS reminds me more of the ‘Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles’ kerfluffle (and that project was asking for $80,000 AND they had a proposed budget, so RABBITS just looks childish in comparison).

Now if Terry tries to kickstart a PNWS/PRA fan convention/meet-up, THEN i’ll compare it to Dashcon

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